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Critical Ecologies (CE) Symposium

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Critical Ecologies (CE)Symposium: “Embodying Local Knowledges” is now ready for registration!


2021 marks yet another year of fatalities from natural and human disasters. With the COVID-19 pandemic and climate crisis spreading worldwide, we continue to rethink how to coexist with other living beings on Earth. Besides the natural ecology, how do we engage with other forms of ecologies, including social, political, artistic, and even academic ones?

As a member of Shared Campus, Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) is honored to host this first Critical Ecologies (CE) symposium, bringing together various academics, artists, and students concerned with the agenda from the CE theme group.

Our agenda is being formed with thoughts such as those of Canadian anthropologist Julie Cruikshank (2006) in her study of glaciers pointed out how “local knowledge” often conjoins social and biophysical processes. Tao Indigenous writer and anthropologist Syaman Rapongan from the Orchid Island of Taiwan reminds us how local philosophies from the ocean can teach us different values systems and ways of living. Brazilian Indigenous movement leader and philosopher Ailton Krenak observed that COVD-19 discriminates against humans, due to the way human societies work. “It does not kill birds, bears, or any other beings, just humans” (2020, 3). He even emphasizes that we have to abandon our anthropocentrism (2020, 6).

This symposium and conference bring together researchers and practitioners working in the intersections of art, ecology, indigeneity, geopolitics, as well as science and technology studies, to build a cross-regional network of sustainable collaboration.


 Theme: Critical Ecologies

Title: Embodying Local Knowledges

Date: 12 & 13 November 2021 (Fri. and Sat.) 15:00-20:40 (GMT+8)

Format: Online

Hosted by: Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA)


Day 1 Opening Keynote & Panels

12 November 2021 (Fri.) 15:00-20:40 (GMT+8)

15:00-15:15Performance: Pangcah Labor Dance and Sakero by Kuo-Hsin Chuang Pangcah Dance Theatre

15:15-16:15Opening Keynote: Heterotopia: We Live on Different Planets by Syaman Rapongan

16:20-17:40Panel 1: TNUA University Social Responsibility Project (USR)—from Translation  to Interpretation 

17:50-19:10Panel 2: Ecologies, Value Systems and Embodied Knowledge

19:20-20:40Panel 3: Maritime Made Manifest


Day 2 Panels & Closing Keynote

13 November 2021 (Sat.) 15:00-20:40 (GMT+8)

15:00-16:20Panel 4: Improwild! A workshop on Knowledge Exchange through Improvisation

16:30-17:50Panel 5: #togetherforourplanet–Responding to COP26

18:00-19:20Panel 6: In The Twilight – Cultural Ecology and Technology

19:30-20:40Closing Keynote: The Life is Wild by Ailton Alves Lacerda Krenak




Registration Period:

15 October 2021 (Fri.) 15:30 (GMT+8) to 10 November 2021 (Wed.) 23:59 (GMT+8)

Registration Form:

 All the panels are open on first come first serve bases. To ensure your priority access to the events, please fill in this form and register in advance.

 Reminder and Zoom Link will be sent to your contact email on 10th Nov.

 The Zoom room will open 5 mins before the panel starts. You are most welcome to log in before the panel started.



 Please note that all events are conducted in English or in English subtitle.

 Due to the pandemic situation, all the events will be conducted via ZOOM.

 To protect your privacy, please feel free to hide your video or participate anonymously.

 The organizers reserve the right to change the content of the panels.


Further CE SYMPOSIUM Information please check the link below:



Organiser: Shared campus x TNUA x IMCCI

Sponsor:University Social Responsibility  x High Education Sprout Project

Advisor:Ministry of Education


Critical Ecologies Symposium TNUA team

Chair: Lin Yatin

Associate chair: Chang I-wen

Program coordinator: Vivien Lee

Technical coordinator: Christopher Chu

Main Visual Designer: TWO (

Symposium on-site design: Alicia Medina

Photographer/film Editor: Larissa Soto

Videographer: Sally Liu

Chinese-English Interpreter: Elliott Cheung

IMCCI Graduate Student Volunteers: Winna Go, Wayne Hong

Admin support: Yip Ming Hoe, Juan Hsuan-Ya, Lee Wei Chuen, Hsu Hoya

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