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  /  活動   /  2020   /  國際手作工作坊:瓜地馬拉亡靈節風箏


Andrea Sandoval
USR X Tjimur Arts Festival
Guatemalan Kite of Dia de Muertos iGuatemala

Kite Festival is a traditional celebration held ever year on the first day in November during the day of the dead. Demon will haunt around the tomb and disturb the souls of the dead who rest in the tomb. Maya’s priest instructed to make a kite to drive away the demon. In the local cemetery in Sunpango, Guatemala, villagers usually visit the tombs of their dead loved ones and decorate these tombs. The giant kites can be seen in these place making it full of colorful, various traditions and arts. Each giant kite takes several months to be elaborately produced with different messages, and the average size is five to sixteen meters. The content of this workshop is to make a small kite (about 30 cm) and decorate it according to personal taste. The finished product can be used for lifting up or kept as decoration.

Workshop Information
Lecturer: Andrea Sandoval
Date: 2020/7/15(Wed)10:00-12:00
Location: Tjimur Dance Theatre
#IMCCI at Taipei National University of the Arts)
#USR(University Social Responsibility)
#hifiveplus: International Art Platform- Indigenous Peoples from the Plains of Beitou to the Mountains of Pingtung
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